On the Boom front

A wristwatch for gun nuts. It’s called the “Son of a Gun” created by a Swiss watchmaker called ARTYA. The majority of their watches are hideous monstrosities. This one is barely an exception. But since it is sort of gun related I figured I would post it here.

According to ARTYA, those are real 6mm bullets held together with copper wire. The bullets are 6mm Flobert (or Flaubert depending on your location) bullets. Which from quick searches seems to be antique (dating back to around 1842) rimfire ammunition. There was also a great quote in ARTYA’s press release: “Guns don’t always kill people, time always does.”

While I am not a fan of the style of this particular watch, there was another encouraging bit of info in the ARTYA press release: “A complete new line of products incorporating the world of firearms will take shape in the near future.”

The movement is a 25 jewel Swiss made automatic which has 42 hours of power reserve. The case is 316 Stainless with a reticle engraved on the bezel and a width of 47mm. The crystal is sapphire. The back of the case is open with a sapphire crystal. It has what ARTYA refers to a “ballistic style” bracelet. In other words, it is canvas. And it’s water resistant and has a 2 year warranty. No idea on price, but even if it is inexpensive, I’m not buying one. I do however look forward to seeing their future firearm related watches.


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