Baby Got New Shoes

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. Been a while since I had anything new on vroom or boom.

On the Vroom front, I got new wheels. Some TSW Nürburgring Bronze wheels in 18×7.5 +45 offset. I wanted to try and fit some 8.5″ wheels, but after thinking about it, it just didn’t make sense for this car. They would be heavier, and theoretically hurt gas mileage a little. Besides that, they would cost more, and require a lot more work to clear the fenders. The 7.5’s I got have about 2-3mm of clearance to the rear fender is all.

I put them on a couple weeks ago. The TSW Nürburgring is made through a process called Rotary Forging. I assume it is the same as a spin casting which pushes out the porosity to create a stronger casting. Therefore they can make them lighter than the stock wheels even though they are wider. And I think the bronze is perfect with the silver car. I wish the center cap was more of a smoked look or even carbon fiber. But it doesn’t detract too much. And the spoke design is one of the best choices for the body style of the Mazdaspeed6. So far, very happy with my choice.

The tires on the other hand… Not so stoked on that choice. I went from having Sumitomo’s best summer tire (HTR Z III) to having Falken’s highest performance all-season tire (Ziex ZE-912). Huge difference to the negative. The sidewalls are soft. Turn-in is slow to react. Braking seems marginally better, acceleration is equal between the two. I just hope they make up for the handling cost once Winter hits.


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