iPhone Holster

More fun from the site Kickstarter. It seems no matter how silly your idea is, there must be people out there that are as delusional as you. There is currently a project seeking funding for an iPhone holster. Granted, as of the time I write this there is only one backer, but I have seem some seriously stupid things get funded on that site. It does seem the iphone market would be full of the kind of people that frown on open carry and thusly would be annoyed by such a creation. But, like I said, kickstarter has helped fund some very lame things before…

Here is a picture of it, in case this idea sounds tempting to you:

Only $35 and you can have on in brown or black. I really want to see some guy dual wielding iPhones trying some quick-draw in line at Starbucks with a big red bandanna around his neck. That would be great while trying his best John Wayne impersonation. Or maybe someone using it as a Halloween costume. Cowboy Steve Jobs.


One response to “iPhone Holster

  1. I think your potential client is dead-on. I have seen a lot of holster tattoos on the hips of hipster, emo, and hard-core kids. So I can see them buying these. iPhone in one, iPod in the other. And yes, in line at Starbucks or at some emo concert.

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