Top Gear USA ratings

Of course I watched it. Are you kidding me? And of course I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the UK version. Not only are the personalities different, the UK version has had what like 15 seasons to figure it out.

For what it’s worth, I have heard Top Gear USA is supposed to get better after the first 3 episodes.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The ratings are in…

Total viewers – 1.9 million

Age 18-49 – 1.1 million

Age 25-54 – 1.1 million

And men made up about 70% of the viewers.

To give you an idea of where that put’s it, that is about 1/2 the ratings of The Walking Dead that just came out 4 episodes ago. And it’s lagging about 10% behind the History Channel reality show Top Shot. So not great, but probably good enough to be renewed for another season as long as ratings don’t dip.

My thoughts

I thought the show was OK. It looked like a blast to make. But was not a ton of fun to watch. The cameramen didn’t have near as many cool artsy shots as the UK version. And what the hell did they use for an on-board camera rig? That shit should NOT have made it through the edit. It was like the camera was mounted on my brass polisher. The film quality seemed pretty sub par most of the time. The in-studio portion seemed a bit too scripted. I imagine the UK version is scripted too, but it isn’t obviously so.

But yes, I very much look forward to seeing the next episode. Was it as good as the UK version? Hell no. Was it better than any other car show made in the US? Damn skippy it was. I would take this first attempt at Top Gear US over Motor Trend any day.


2 responses to “Top Gear USA ratings

  1. I heard the same thing. They start to seem more comfortable around the 3rd episode. I thought they did OK with the cinematography, but a far sight from the UK version. The in-car shots were bad. Too many hands, wrong angles, and the camera had the quality of a cell phone duck taped to the dash. The course seems cool, but too many barricades make it seem like a construction area. I liked Foust, and Rutlidge was far better than I thought. I am not sure about Farera though.

    • Rutldege seemed a little stiff. I could see him being all right once he finds a groove. Although NASCAR guys I have talked to absolutely hate him. I was definitely hoping for more improv comedy factor from Adam Ferrara. Again though, that could just be a matter of finding a groove and getting comfortable.

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