PDI Dyno Day

So back to the Vroom…

PDI aka Performance Diesel Inc., for whom I have done some contract design work, is having a customer appreciation dyno day December 4th. I hear they are expecting some trucks putting out huge numbers. They just got a new chassis dyno installed. It sounds like quite a beast. I know last night it had a vehicle on there putting out around 3,500 lb-ft and 900 HP. And I hear that is only about half the capacity of the dyno. The dyno is a Taylor and it’s made specifically for semi trucks.

They are giving away over $7,000 in prizes. Including at least one that has variants that have seen my CAD system…

I’m secretly hoping they will use this as an opportunity to debut my latest creation for them. It’s a design my dad came up with and I helped him to perfect. Unfortunately, as it has not been released, I can’t unveil here what it is. But trust me, it’s pretty damn cool. And has proven to be pretty amazing in testing. Here’s a teaser shot of the part…

Sorry, but I can’t reveal more than that until they release it. Then hopefully I can give out more details. I am contemplating heading down for this. Normally I avoid St. George as much as possible as I absolutely hate the police force there as well as the 90% 80+ age group that seems to drive around down there. But I might have to make an exception for this one.


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