A Fitness Update

Since I blamed my new fitness plan in part for my recent absence from the blog, I figured I would give an update on that. Today marks exactly one months since I started the plan. My weight is down 19 lbs from the peak amount, 13 lbs from the start amount. For some reason, my weight jumped real quick at first but has since been on a constant downward slope. I am 6 lbs under my plan’s projected weight for today.

While I am still substantial, I have been able to go a hole tighter on the belt and a hole tighter on the watch band. So something must be working. Not only that, I just generally feel more energetic lately. Waking up to 4 inches of snow on my driveway yesterday was actually a welcome sight (since I didn’t have the kids that morning) because I am a big fan of the cold and it felt invigorating to be active that early in the morning. And I like the feeling of working up a sweat in the freezing cold. Especially when you are happy about doing it. It reminds me of sweating my ass off snowmobiling in 10 lbs of leathers when you are in a blizzard.

So yeah. I am 1/3 of the way to my official 6 month goal. But in only 1/6 of the time frame.



4 responses to “A Fitness Update

  1. Go Dave. It is amazing how what seems a little weight makes a noticeable difference. At least yours has been better than a woman loosing weight. Usually the first thing to go is boobs. 😦

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