Where the hell have I been?

Holy crap. So much life has been getting in the way of me updating the blog. I got divorced. I had to rearrange my house do to the prior event. Also a friend is moving into a room that had about 6 years of storage use. So that had to be moved/eliminated. I have been trying to hit the gym on a regular basis. I vastly changed my diet to try and become more aerodynamic. I am down about 11 lbs this month. Now only about 50 more to go… And unlike most newly divorced dads, I have had my kids at least 1/2 of the days. So I have been trying to give them the attention they deserve which leaves me with only about 1/2 my days able to do anything that doesn’t involve the kids in some way. And those days usually include at least a couple hours of cleaning up and reorganizing from the kids visiting. I have been working on making my garage able to be used for parking of both my eternal project AE86 as well as my daily driver before snow hits. I failed at beating the snow BTW, as it snowed a couple inches last night. I have been trying to get some more reading done. My little boy started soccer. And besides the soccer he is requiring a bit more attention do to the family situation changing. I finished up several new designs for a project I don’t think I am at liberty to talk about. But I hear it will be on the ABC TV show Shark Tank on the first episode of this season. They are filming that today I think. I got in the mood to buy a couple new watches, so I may write about them soon. I have been trying to figure out how to use this fancy new camera of mine and having no luck using the raw files as Adobe has been slow about updating their codec files (even though 2 year old Corel ones work just fine for the D3100 files). And now, Fallout: New Vegas is out. So you can expect further delays on any updates from me as this game is using up what little free time I have provided myself.

So yeah, now things are still busy, but dying down a tiny bit. So I will try to update every now and then. If for no other reason than just to make sure you all know I am still around until I have something important to add.


3 responses to “Where the hell have I been?

  1. Man, what am I gonna do without Big Dave jokes? You would look weird with big hamburger hands and a skinny body. 🙂 I hope the kids do good with the change in the family dynamic. There always seems to be a period of adjustment, but kids are pretty adaptable. I am sure you and Lori will do your best to make the situation a good one. The parents’ attitudes have the most to do with how the kids end up dealing with it. As long as the kids are not used as pawns and the parents do not talk harshly about each other, the kids should flourish. My step kids are with their dad half the time and it seems to work out well as it lets them know that both parents still love them…….me they are not so sure on, but that is what I get for being a disciplinarian, and probably too critical at times.

  2. Oh, the jokes can stay for a while still. I’m not so aerodynamic yet. And no matter how much I lose I am sure the hamburger hands are here to stay.

  3. Hmm, Im looking forward to you dusting some debris off the Eternal 86. Though I have little faith the project will move forward unless I go do it myself 😛 Im confident that you and Lori will take good care of kiddies. FNV has been fun too, much of my spare time has been absorbed there as well. But I did get the old red nissan up and running, and registered Grandpa so I dont have to be in full alert mode all the time!!!

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