Finally got around to polishing my brass

Well, my brass was looking pretty used up, so I finally got around to throwing them in the polisher. Man, that thing works magic. BTW, you will want to view the pictures full size to pick up the detail.

Here is the .22-250 brass prior to polishing:

And after about 4 hours in the Lyman Turbo 1200 polisher:

As you can see. Much improved.  Again, I was using a Lyman Pro 1200 turbo tumbler with Lyman corn cobb green media. I chose the corn cobb green simply because it was the only one Lyman says you don’t need additional polish media in. Although, it does say the result is “factory finish” not actual polish with this media. But I am plenty happy with the results.

Notice the color of the media. Now check this out. The media before and after 4 hours of polishing 100 rounds of brass:

And here you can see some sprinkled in the tumbler along with some of the brass still in the machine:

As you can tell, this post was just a lame excuse to play with the new camera… I love it. Some day I will work on learning some post processing skills.


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