Dangeruss, artistic mercenary

For this post, I will hit on a few of my favorite topics by introducing you to one guy. Russ Schwenkler. I won’t go into much detail or show you his work here since #1, I never bothered to get permission from him, and #2- I don’t have enough space on a simple blog to cover all the cool stuff he has done.

He is an amazing graphic artist that goes by the name Dangeruss. You can check out his site here. The reason I say I will hit on a few of my favorite topics is because he has done cars, guns, watches, & architecture. And of course he has done a bunch of other random items. You can go here to check out his deviant art page with links to tons of his work. He is pretty much just an artistic mercenary. Hiring his talents out to the highest bidder. So go check out his work. You are sure to get some good desktop wallpaper if nothing else. And if you happen to need some work done, I am sure he would be happy to take your money.

UPDATE: I guess I spent too much time drooling over his work and not reading enough of his journal. As of February of this year Russ had been doing design for 4 different watchmakers and seen at least 5 of his designs make it to production for 2010. And he has produced about 35 designs for 2010 models. Also, I found he has a blogspot site dedicated to his watches. But it has not been updated for quite some time.


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