Why liberals should love the 2nd amendment

This is a great article that covers nearly all of the arguments I have heard from liberals as to why the 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to us in modern times.  This article is on a liberal website written by a liberal. So I may not agree with what he says 100%, but his grasp of the constitution as it pertains to the 2nd amendment seems sound.

The one argument that I have heard liberals use that this article did not cover was the use of “well regulated” in the text of the 2nd amendment. And when I read this article a couple months ago, the comments never mentioned anything about it either. Although by now maybe some comments do cover it… So I will cover that one quick and easy. Liberals I have talked to seem to think “well regulated” means it was meant to be controlled or limited. The old dictionaries used before 1912 (IIRC) show the definition of “regulated” as “supplied, equipped, or trained”. Of course good luck finding a pre-1912 dictionary to show the libs and even if you did, I am sure they would doubt its authenticity. Although I did set out in search of one and managed to find one. So they do exist. Even the 1989 edition of the Oxford English dictionary lists an “obsolete sense” as meaning “Of troops: Properly disciplined.”

Anyway, check out the article. It is well thought out and properly backed up. It’s more proof we can all get along. Although, watch for my next post and you will see more clearly than ever what my political views are… Hint: It surprised me too.


One response to “Why liberals should love the 2nd amendment

  1. I think this is a good post. It seems to me that people of every ideological stripe have a tendency to try to intellectually bend the constitution to fit their views.

    Sometimes liberals view gun violence as a bad thing (and, I suppose, who can argue otherwise?), so, the thinking goes, the Second Amendment should be construed as narrowly as possible. Similarly, sometimes conservatives view national security concerns as justifying very narrow interpretations of the First and Fourth Amendments.

    Unfortunately, how one views the public policy issue often seems to determine how one views the Consttitution. It should be the other way around, but too infrequently is.

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