Classy Video of a Classy Car, The NSX

I have seen this video posted on a few slightly more obscure blogs. So of course I had to post it here for you all to enjoy on my obscure blog. The video was done by FORMAT67.NET. They have done some other decent videos you can check out on their vimeo site as well.  Be sure to go HD and full screen with sound up.


One response to “Classy Video of a Classy Car, The NSX

  1. Still not an NSX fan. They were pretty quick out of the box especially if you were lucky enough to live in Japan and get one of the cooler versions. But you couldn’t do much to make them faster…….and they were 10’s of thousands more than a Supra or Rx-7, which were easily upgradeable. I remember seeing one back in the early days of import drag racing running N2O and throwing down 12’s, but was way outclassed. He did run more than the the 300Z’s which broke more than they ran, but he still had frequent issues.

    The video was well produced, but a little long and not enough cool mechanical stuff.

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