Where are the Liberals?

So I was flipping through radio stations and heard Glenn Beck proudly tout the fact he has the third most listened to radio show in the country. I found that a bit surprising as he is a very divisive character. I really can’t listen to him. He makes crazy huge leaps of of faith to “prove” conspiracy theories that even if they are true, deep down I don’t want to know about them. So I hit the wikipedia.  I know it’s wiki and therefore not super reliable, but I looked for other sources and didn’t come up with anything I would call any more reliable.

They list the top 9 (why only 9?) talk radio shows as:

  1. The Rush Limbaugh Show – 20+ million
  2. The Sean Hannity Show – 16+ million
  3. The Savage Nation – 9+ million
  4. Glenn Beck Program – 9+ million
  5. The Dr. Laura Program – 9+ million
  6. The Mark Levin Show – 6.25 million
  7. The Laura Ingraham Show – 6.25 million
  8. The Dave Ramsey Show – 6.25 million
  9. Neal Boortz – 4.25+ million

I have never heard of a few of them so I did some more checking. This is what I discovered:

  1. Conservative
  2. Conservative
  3. Conservative
  4. Conservative
  5. Touchy feely advice (host is a Conservative)
  6. Conservative
  7. Conservative
  8. Financial (host is a Conservative)
  9. Libertarian

So not a single one is a show done by a Liberal. Not even the 2 that are not politically oriented shows. The 1 Libertarian show is the closest thing. But Libertarian’s are more motivated by worship of the constitution and history than feelings (like the Liberals) or worship of God and money (like the Republicans).

I understand why the Libertarian show ranks fairly low. It seems very few people believe in the constitution as originally penned and due to a few VERY nutty people in that party people are typically afraid to admit they are Libertarian even when it is true.

I also understand why the Conservatives are at the top. The simple fact is, the majority of the country typically leans more conservative.

But where are the Liberals? Here are my guesses:

  1. They find talk radio boring or old fashioned and would rather listen to mp3’s on their iPods.
  2. They are all listening to Conservative talk shows so they have something to complain about on Facebook.
  3. There is even fewer of them than national polls would have you believe.
  4. Their government funded handouts can’t technically go toward paying for a radio so they are all sitting in the waiting room of their free clinics watching TV rather than at home listening to the radio.
  5. They spend their limited resources watching TV instead

I am leaning toward #2 since I am a fan of the irony it presents.  But #4 tickles my hate bone the most.  As for #5, according to TVNewser, Fox News had the top 13 cable news shows of Q2, 2010. BTW, back in Q2 of 2009 they only had the top 10. So not only do Conservatives dominate but they make it look insanely easy.  But then maybe you need to combine #4 with #5 and figure they are watching so called “Main Stream Media” on the big 3  since their government handouts don’t pay for cable.  Of course if you ask Glenn Beck he would tell you the reason handout’s don’t pay for cable is just to deny them Fox News 😀


3 responses to “Where are the Liberals?

  1. I think one reason for the popularity of the conservative shows is how loud and combative those guys are. I hate both extremes equally, but you have to admit that the conservative radio guys are a bunch of loudmouths that just want to argue and love it so much they do not let anyone else finish a word. As much as the liberals want to speak softly and not offend anyone for the most part. The loud angry guys make for good listening like the drummed up conflict on reality shows.

    • Agreed. I am just surprised that even though Liberals have just as many loud mouths that are just as combative and take just as much out of context and are equally as unfair to opposing views that call in, they have absolute crap ratings. I actually think Liberals are even more combative. Conservatives get all holier than thou and full of conspiracy theories. But the Liberals get all racist and say even more extreme thing like telling people to kill each other and kill babies and praising commies. But like you said, they are the extremes on both sides. But if being more shocking truly equates to better rating, I think Liberals would be winning the ratings game.

  2. I can only comment on the #8 Dave Ramsey show as I am a listener and have been through his counselor training. I believe people listen to Dave because they are given sound advise and hope for their lives. It is inspiring to hear a family yelling at the top of their lungs “I’m debt free!”

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