CPC (Cutler’s Performance Center) Bikes

So a friend of mine that lives down in Provo just happened to find a CPC Euphoria XC frame for sale on the KSL classifieds.  As luck would have it, it had never been used.  This is the mountain bike I designed about 12 or 13 years ago.  I can’t believe he found one that had never been used.  As far as I know, only a couple examples were made of each model.  So given that, and their age.  It’s crazy cool that he found it.  Well, he bought it to be his race bike.  I honestly have no idea how it compares to modern race bikes.  The Euphoria XC is the cross country version I designed.

CPC Euphoria XC Frame

As you can see, it is in excellent shape.  Well, my friend decided to build it up and race it.  I am stoked.  Last I heard, he said it performed very well, and he really liked it.  Here’s a shot of the assembled bike.

CPC Euphoria XC Frame

I have already mentioned this bike before.  You can read about it here.  So I won’t go into design details.

So when my friend notified me that he had bought this mountain bike, it got me all excited.  Seeing my designs being enjoyed by real people in real life is my favorite part of designing anything.  If I can’t see people using it, it takes all the fun out of designing it.  So since I got all excited I decided to try and find more info on these bikes and see if anyone else had any information on them.  I knew it would be a tough task given the crazy low production volume.  But I struck gold.  I found the blog of the guy I mentioned in my other post that was helping to design this bike.  Check out Devin’s blog over here.

Devin had some pictures of the long travel version of the bike called the Euphoria LT.  I don’t think it was his bike, just one he knew of.  But you can see the difference in the rocker arms for the shock.  IIRC, he mentioned having his own LT and said the rear was good, but a little flexible compared to newer designs.  Anyway, here are the pictures of that bike.

CPC Euphoria LT mountain bike

Man, I hate that color

CPC Euphoria LT mountain bike

You can see the machined recesses in the lug

CPC Euphoria LT mountain bike

Yes, I know structurally it isn't a perfect design. But perfection would have weighed too much.


2 responses to “CPC (Cutler’s Performance Center) Bikes

  1. The arms on those bikes looks sweet. Is the imperfection in the structure the fact that the “X”‘s have space between them?

  2. Yes. Ideally you want the imaginary line through the centerlines of the “X” legs to meet at the centerline of the web they are attached to. Plus the material thickness gets kind of thin there. But I never saw info on one breaking. So it must have worked 🙂

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