Touge Factory Stance Coilover Mitsubishi EVO 8 Time Attack Car

Touge Factory Time Attack Evo 8In my last post I mentioned wanting to know more about the Touge Factory car that won the Redline Time Attack race at Autobahn Country Club.  Well, it took all of 10 seconds on google to find out a little about the Touge Factory car.  Touge Factory Stance Coilover Time Attack EVO 8

I really like the aero.  It looks a little DTM like.  And I love me some DTM.  It’s too bad the rear diffuser couldn’t have a bit steeper angle to it, I think it would help them a bunch.  But I realize it’s a ton more work to mold something around the differential than it is to just mount a flat plate.  So I don’t blame them for keeping it where it is.  They put up some pictures (my source for the pictures in this post) here
Touge Factory Stance Coilover Time Attack EVO 8

I am not a fan of the graphics.  For company cars especially, I think they should have a creative way of displaying the company logo. I think the COBB cars are a great example of this.  I never saw any wort hog or whatever that’s supposed to be on the Touge Factory logo.  The graphics are eye-catching which is important.  But they make me think of Stance coilovers more than they do Touge Factory.  The graphics were designed by a place called Proper+.   So yeah, boo to Proper+.  Hell they can’t even decide on the proper (pun intended) way of writing their own name.  On their website they show it as “PROPER+, Proper+, and proper+”  On, Touge Factory made a post claiming they did the graphics in-house.  So Proper+ may be yet another branch of Touge Factory.  Either that or one of them is lying about who did the work.  And actually, the graphics turned out well, just misguided I think.  And who knows what input each company had in the design.  But the execution was done well, so I take back the “boo to Proper+”.
Touge Factory Stance Coilover Time Attack EVO 8

It appears that this car made its debut in Vegas at the Redline Time Attack race.  And due to a split hub was unable to race.  But they say they were running 1:40’s in practice on old tires and low boost.  The overall winner ran a 1:39.657.  So it sounds like they were right on pace if they would not have had mechanical issues. BTW, I have a long and storied history of mechanical issues with Vegas in my cars, and friend’s cars I have driven there.
Touge Factory Stance Coilover Time Attack EVO 8
At the Redline Time Attack race at Autobahn Country Club, Touge Factory got the overall win with a 1:27.791, for reference the COBB R35 GTR ran a 1:28.211 so 0.42 seconds slower with the 2nd fastest time of the day.  BTW, the Touge Factory / Stance car was running in the Super Modified class while the COBB R35 GTR was running in Modified.  You can read Redline’s official event recap here.

They seem to be a little tight-lipped on other details.  Here is what they list for mods:

  • Custom valved STANCE 3-way SS-D coilovers (they don’t say spring rates or list bar specs or bushing/bearings, etc.)
  • Hankook C91 Racing Slicks (they don’t list the size)
  • Brembo Monoblock 8 titanium piston brakes up front and monoblock 4 titanium piston rear brakes with CL Brake pads RC8 – custom for these calipers. (I assume they ran some ducting to help cool these)
  • Aero by TFworks – Full carbon + Kevlar flat bottom ( They do race car build stuff and are part of Touge Factory)

Car was making about 650whp on low boost (what boost is considered “low” and how much more power does if make on “high”?)

BTW, you can check out Touge Factory’s blog hereThe Stance blog is here and it has some video of this car on track.

Overall, very cool car and obviously even with some gremlins still existing, it’s a great performing car as well.  Good job Touge Factory, and good luck.


4 responses to “Touge Factory Stance Coilover Mitsubishi EVO 8 Time Attack Car

  1. It definitely is purpose built. I wonder how comparable Touge Factory’s budget on this car is to Sierra Sierra’s Evo. Either way, both these cars are intense.

  2. Thanks for your article and comments on our Evo. Just here to clarify any confusion. And I will list them to prevent further complications:
    -The STANCE/Touge Factory RLTA evo is primarily a vehicle for Stance Suspension Systems and worked on by Touge Factory.
    -“The Angry Takochi – (Octopus and not a worthog they have tusks and hooves.)” is the official mascot for Stance-USA ( And since it made you think more Stance then TF, we have accomplished what we wanted to do anyway and not as misguided as you think.
    -The reason for using Stance and TF in the title of the time attack evo is as you might have guessed it… The owner of TF is also the owner of Stance USA. (maybe they should have just called it the stance RLTA evo, dunno *shrugs*)
    -From what I understand from one of our engineers is that the diffuser is set at the optimal angle of attack which is mated to the full flat bottom. But I am not the expert so if you would like I can have him contact you to shed some light on the center diffuser. The side rear air channels are not really spoilers but channels so that the car can create the low pressure that it needs under the car to maximize the rest of the aero’s downforce potential.
    -PROPER+ is the creative arm under the TF umbrella of companies and is responsible for anything that comes out of all of the companies. so the graphics IS MADE IN-HOUSE.
    -proper+, Proper+, PROPER+ are all correct. (I personally didnt think that the case mattered that much but if you want to be technical its “proper+”)

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us any which way you see fit. (all the contacts are on our respective sites) I hope this clarifies the confusion.

    • Thanks for the info. As for diffuser angle, all I know is just from CFD analysis of the Subaru I worked on. And in that case, we were unable to achieve the ideal diffuser angle due to chassis and differential interference. But in the end, the difference only matters if everything else is 100% perfect which it never is. Advantage CFD also wanted us to make the diffuser start at what I thought was a strange location. Not like I am going to question a CFD team with F1 experience though.

      The angry octopus makes much more sense 🙂

      BTW, I love the car. I can’t wait for it to kick more ass in the near future. Oh yeah, as for the company name thing, I have worked with some people that are brand identity FREAKS. That’s where that came from. Like even in intercompany emails they wanted the company font used for the company name.

      • Thanks for the compliments. Hopefully it will be able to do so this coming race over in willow springs. Still some gremlins in the car. Just some further testing over the last weekend at Autobahn we were able to run a better time than what we did at RLTA. that is with less than optimal track temps and traffic on the last 2 corners.

        With the diffuser and anything aerodynamic on the car, having more CFD and even a wind tunnel to test the car would be ideal but we dont have that budget. Possibly we can have the diffuser hinged on the flat bottom and the angle adjustable to change the angle of attack as we see fit. Even further we can add some solenoids and make it active based on the Aeromotion rear wing angle. hmmmm there is an idea. LOL

        yeah been there with the “brand identity” thing at the Ad agency I used to work at. super strict. ^_^

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