attaaaaack!!! redline time attack round 5… (via My Auto Obsession)

Figured you all would like seeing pictures from the latest time attack round in IL. BTW, you can see this same guy’s follow-up to this post here: I love Time Attack. I was one of the employees that originally got Cobb into it. Unfortunately we were never able to make an effort like they are now. So of course they are doing pretty well this year. I am torn on that. I am happy to see them do well. But it also aggravates me because I know we could have done just as well when I was there if we had the time and budget they are playing with now.

Anyway, there was some pretty cool cars there. So check out his guy’s posts. I am curious what that Stance/Touge Factory car has done to it. Since I don’t work in the automotive world much anymore I have kind of lost interest in car mags. Maybe it’s in one of those. Although, also from working in the automotive world (especially my time in the sport compact scene) taught me that the gross majority of magazine coverage comes from California. Congrats to Touge Factory for that time though. I wonder why the car only did one lap though?

attaaaaack!!! redline time attack round 5... So this past weekend, I went to Redline Time Attack's Round 5 held at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. Let me tell ya, it was pretty intense. With the damned rain coming down hard at certain times of both days, the South Circuit was full of high speed spin-outs and crashes. Some records were broken, but with the slick track, most of the guys were just having fun and being careful not to smack the wall. Some cars were damaged, but fortunat … Read More

via My Auto Obsession


3 responses to “attaaaaack!!! redline time attack round 5… (via My Auto Obsession)

  1. Thanks for the pingback man. The Cobb R35 is pretty insane. That sucks that you weren’t there when they started their time attack program. They were definitely the big dog that weekend. From their car, to the rig, tools, and their crew of 8+ that I saw, it seems like they are selling enough Accesports to finance this team, plus sponsor the Modified class too.

    • Yeah, I was there back when we did the clock car and started the carbon car (maybe we will see it someday still). We also pretty much dominated with our MS3. We ran that thing in 2 classes and won pretty much every race. It was good times. But yeah, back then we only dreamed about the kind of backing they have now. We didn’t even get graphics on the trailer as it was not in the budget. Look at that rig now…

      • I remember that MS3! I really do wonder if that carbon car will ever see the light of day. Their pit setup was definitely professional, compared to some of the other teams. Cobb needs to send this car to Tsukuba and run with the big boys in Japan. Hopefully somebody sanctions a World Time Attack challenge here in the states, and invites those Japanese teams to run with our top teams.

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