The wife’s new venture

So this weekend, my wife decided to become a Scentsy “sales consultant”.  It’s another pyramid scheme company.  But all they sell is wickless candles.  So you buy their warmer, drop in the scent of your choice and make your house smell all yummy.  They have something like 80 different scents available and come out with a new one every month.  I am hoping for bacon, popcorn, or prime rib scents.  I am sure I will be waiting for eternity for that though.  Lori really loves it and the scents are good.  And if you always have candles burning, this is a much cheaper and better way to go.  There is no flame involved, just a light bulb.  The wax washes off carpet easily.  And the wax when melted is not warm enough to hurt a baby that decides to dip its fingers in it.  For $5 you get a bar that lasts about 60-80 hours.

They have tried to bring out some man friendly product, but honestly, I don’t think they have consulted a real man in the process.  All the man products seem to be what women imagine guys would like.  Of course my wife likes a lot of the warmers, but after spending a minute looking through the catalog, I had to whip out the laptop and design up my version of a warmer.  So about 10 minutes later, this is what I came up with for something I would like to see on my shelf:

My Scentsy warmer design

My Scentsy warmer design

All of their current offerings are some sort of ceramic.  This baby is brushed bronze.  I think brushed stainless would look just as good.  Or maybe some sort of polished then anodized aluminum in a deep blue or red.  Or of course, I have always been a big fan of black chrome.  Anyway… I didn’t take the time to measure the light bulb interface so of course this design would need tweaked for that.  But for a 10-15 minute dorking around session, I think it looks pretty good.  I called it EyeFinity due to the elliptical eyes cut through each face.  Anyway, if you want t check out Lori’s new blog, you can get there HERE.  It’s her first ever blog, so be nice.  And her Scentsy homepage for ordering product or setting up your own party and getting free stuff is HERE.


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