Worth noting here

All of you that read this blog know I am VERY anti illegal immigration.  Like not just anti as in I think it’s bad, but anti as in I am so against it that if I put my true thoughts here I would probably go to jail due to freedom of speech being non-existent in the U.S. for many decades. So of course from a logical stand point I am in favor of Arizona’s law.  Logic dictates that it is a good thing.  And by the way, numbers can not be racist.  It is just a fact.  Numbers have no feeling, no thought process, no religion, no heart, no brain.  They are just numbers.  I will leave it at that.

But I wanted to post a link to a post by Arizona state senator Sylvia Allen as to why she voted for the bill.  Read it here. One of the most maddening quotes from what she wrote is “Maybe it is too late to save America . Maybe we are not worthy of freedom anymore.”  What makes it more maddening than the fact that she is most likely correct, is the fact that I have felt this way for years.  I would love to be able to feel some pride in my country some day.  Today is just not that day.


One response to “Worth noting here

  1. This bill seems perfect and is according to the laws that we already have. Then why is Obama and all the Hispanic senators and people against it? Uh…that’s stupid, isn’t it? It’s because they are mad that someone else is taking control. But, the main reason is, because they will have a harder time getting their illegal friends and family here! Plus, if Obama lets them stay and gives amnesty to them, he is confident that they will vote for him and then he can make himself dictator of America! History does sometimes repeat itself and I hope it does like the last day JFK was here! That is all I can say without doing further harm to myself. I really wish it does not come to that but we just cannot take much more of this administrations Nazi style governing! Just read about what happened to Germany and Austria, and compare it to what has happened in the last year. Especially about the gun control. That is just a start to taking over America!

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