My favorite morning show is gone

So every morning I used to listen to The Chunga Show on 101.9 FM.  I started listening to Jimmy Chunga after the douchebags on X96 (Bill, Kerry, and Gina) totally pulled a 180 on me.  One morning they were pro-logic, anti-retard.  And it seems like overnight they went loony lefty on me.  They lost all sense of logic and started praising the kind of people they were making fun of just 24 hours earlier.  Besides that, my ears really wished they had a method of vomiting everytime they were violated by Gina’s voice.

So, at that point I switched to Chunga.  Sure sometimes he claims to be a gun guy then says something totally about gun laws that isn’t correct.  And there was a few things I disagreed with him on.  But unlike most other morning shows you got the sense that he was saying what he truly felt.  And he had a pretty good sense of humor.  Besides that, politically he seemed in line with me.  Conservative financially, and a bit more liberal socially.  All his sidekicks that have come and gone I haven’t really cared that they left.  But now I am forced to find a new morning show.  That makes me mad.  Earlier this week, I log onto the website to listen to the Chunga show and what do I hear?  Vanilla Ice.  Yeah, that made me much happier.  Oh wait… No, it didn’t.

So I have the sellout douchebag dick holes over on x96.  There is the guys over at 97.1 who are likely where I will end up, but they are not funny at all.  And the chick on the show has nothing good to offer other than gossip news which I have very little interest in, but that’s her #1 offering.  Either 92.5 or 100.7 has a “diverse” group for their morning show.  I think it’s a Mexican chick, a black guy, and I’m not sure what the other guy is.  But I swear, every time I switch to it, they are talking about some racial issue.  Crying about something someone said that they found offensive.  Holy crap.  Get over it!  You are a person, you are not oppressed.  We are all people.  If you feel oppressed it’s because you are either just not getting more than your fair share in life or you are lazy, not because someone doesn’t like your race.  Worst morning show EVER!!  I could listen to the uptight ancient old religious lame asses on 102.7 and 105.7.  Gee, that sounds fun.

I guess since most of my morning show time is spent listening to the streaming show on the internet I will just have to find a show in another state to listen to.  I hope Chunga comes back somewhere.  Although with all the radio stations hurting so bad for money, I don’t see that happening.


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