Ford’s “global” platform

Once again The U.S. get screwed out of having a good version of what Ford promised years ago was to be a global car.  Europe gets the AWD Focus, the 180 HP Fiesta, and now this: The Ford Focus RS500, the name undoubtedly stolen from the Sierra Cosworth RS500 (another bad ass car we never got).

It has 350PS (Like 345 HP) and 339 lb-ft torque.

0-62mph in 5.6 seconds

Quaife helical LSD

235/35-19 tires on black wheels

Flat black paint scheme

And of course many other small things that make me hate Ford of America.  So, in closing (“F” YOU FORD)


4 responses to “Ford’s “global” platform

  1. Ford has been impressing me more that the other ‘merican car companies.

    DOHC, all aluminum block, variable cam timing, 410 h.p. 5.0L V8
    Ecoboost 4 and 6 cylinder engines

    Now if they could just do the cool euro market cars and figure out that RWD cars can have something besides a horse buggy axle in the back…….

  2. No one can keep a car under that…….it’s impossible! The Camaro weighs that too. You would think that with the tightening emissions standards they would do a simple thing or two like take a few hundred lbs of the car. Although the straight axle is more efficient at transferring power due to less complexity.

  3. Ford has had a RWD car with IFS for decades, it’s called the Falcon. Same for GM, with the Holden Commodore. At least we got one of two (GTO, G8), but it’s a shame that they sold as a Pontiac.

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