Combining interests

I don’t remember ever really mentioning it here on this blog but I love watches.  I don’t know if it’s the precision aspect of them.  Or the amount of design that can go into such a small item.  Or maybe it’s just pure respect for the artisans that design and assemble them.  Well anyway, here is a watch that combines watches and cars.  On the back is Sebastian Loeb’s signature.  It also has a course map of the Monaco F1 course.  It is called the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical.

At today’s exchange rate it’s price equates to $302,262.22.  I’m sure street price is downright affordable though.  If you are a Mid Eastern Sheik that is.  My taste in watches is normally a bit more mainstream.  But I love a good dose of innovation.  And now that I am back to working with gears and chains for my regular day job, I can’t help but love that this watch has the smallest chain I have ever seen in it.

Back cover

Back cover

Funky front

The Winch Tourbillon Vertical

As for specs, it has 1352 components in it.  The chain is stainless steel and 230mm long with 450 links and 150 rivets.  The hand winch crank fits in the buckle for storage.

And here is a shot of the guts:

The guts

The inner assembly

So much awesome in such a small area.  And I really dig it in black:

Tourbillon black

Black version loses the crocodile band


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