Nemesis Arms Windrunner at SHOT 2010

Nemesis Arms is a company out of California.  They were showing off their Windrunner which is a sniper rifle that comes in .243, .260, .308, and .338 Federal (???).  The rifle breaks down easily and comes in a nice little case for transport.  The rifle was designed by Bill Ritchie who is supposedly the designer of the .408 Cheytac round.

When I saw the Windrunner name, it sounded very familiar.  Turns out it was because I was looking at a Windrunner .50 BMG Rifle that was for sale on KSL classifieds recently.  That Windrunner was made by EDM Arms of Hurricane Utah.  However EDM Arms has their machine shop in Southern California.  EDM Arms also just happens to be owned by Bill Ritchie.  So obviously this is just the EDM Arms M06 Mini Windrunner being sold by Nemesis Arms.  Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine as to their relationship.

It looked like a pretty nice rifle.  And the calibers are quickly changed.  The barrel just indexes and slides into a very precisely machined bore  then a big nut tightens it in place.  It was fairly heavy, but no terrible.  It weighs 11 lbs.  I’m not sure why, but at $3,850, the Nemesis Arms version is $400 less than the EDM Arms version.

Well, anyway, here is their brochure:

Nemesis Arms Windrunner

Nemesis Arms Windrunner brochure from SHOT Show 2010

Nemesis Arms Windrunner brochure from SHOT Show 2010

Nemesis Arms Windrunner brochure from SHOT Show 2010


5 responses to “Nemesis Arms Windrunner at SHOT 2010

  1. Lots to correct here:

    1. Bill Ritchie designed the large format Windrunner rifles and the first variant to house the .408 Cheytac for Cheytac. In other words the Cheytac Rifle in .408 is a Bill Ritchie design. He made them for Cheytac as a private branding.

    2. Ritchie never designed a cartridge.

    3. Bill Ritchie was the first designer of the Windrunner small action that became the Nemesis Rifle.

    4. David Ives bought the rights from Bill to create a new high volume facility to deliver the Nemesis Rifle in great numbers.

    5. They still work together but Ives has redesigned the vast majority of the Nemesis Rifle now.

    6. It hold .5 MOA out to 600 yards and the U.S. Marines tested the rifle in .308 and got 5 shot groups repeatedly at 900 yards at 6.2″.

    7. Rifle packs down to 20″

  2. I would like to help here as you have made several statements that are not the facts.
    1. Bill Ritchie designed the original .308 Windrunner to which Nemesis Arms purchase all rights and is now manufacturing.
    2. Bill Ritchie if you speak to him built the .408 Cheytac rifle (not the round), as he is a rifle manufacturer not a munitions manufacturer.
    3. Nemesis Arms redesigned the .308 platform to include multiple calibers that have been highly requested. The .338 fed. Was asked for by large game hunters.
    4. In Nemesis Arms redesign, we have changed many functions to make the short action Windrunner a comprehensive field platform.
    5. Bill Ritchie and EDM Arms DOES NOT Manufacture nor do they sell ANY part of the .308 Windrunner. The rifle is advertised on EDM’s website, however they will redirect you to Nemesis Arms.
    6. Nemesis Arms Manufactures and Sells the .308 Windrunner.
    7. EDM chose to move to Utah because of the California Firearm Laws. Nemesis Arms and EDM Arms maintain a strong relationship.
    8. The advertisement on EDM’s website is the original. When Nemesis Arms took over we reduced the price $400.00 and it has been the same for 2 years.
    Thank you for reading this response and I hope that the proper corrections will be made. I think it would make for better reporting credibility.

  3. This rifle is such quality and well made it’s almost unbelievable. True American quality and a custom weapon like this is truly unique and shows the abilities of people, who can be serious and creative in building a rilfe such as nemises arms and bring rilfes to the next century. AWESOME!!!

  4. I looked over the rifle this past weekend in Pittsburgh at the NRA show and it looks fantastik! Looks like Dave is building up quite a client list including 3 foreign buyers. I will need to put some ducks in order to pick this up, how’s that payment plan look like Dave? 🙂

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