SHOT Show 2010 and LMS

I will be attending this year’s SHOT show “The show that supports everything you stand for”.  SHOT is like SEMA for guns and the hunting industry.  And just like SEMA, this year, SHOT takes place in Vegas.  It is happening from January 19-22 at the Sands expo center.  It is put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  It is for industry people only.  Basically, the SHOT show is where all the manufacturers debut their new guns and gear and try to sell them to big distributors.

I will be attending as a representative of Legacy Manufacturing Solutions.  A friend of mine owns the company and they do great work overseas sourcing.  Legacy takes care of finding a factory to build your parts.  Then they take care of quality control prior to shipment.  They also are a fully bonded agent here in the states so they  also take care of all shipping and duties.  They give you a price and it covers all of that.  From design to delivery at your door.  Yes, they can even help with design.  That’s where I seem to have been helping them out the most recently, but I also handle sales, just not near the volume as the others as I also have a real job to attend to and I am not what I would consider the typical salesman.

Legacy has served the hunting and outdoor industry in products such as textiles (backpacks, clothing, utility bags), Archery (mainly broad head arrow tips),  Knives (high quality material ones, not typical China junk), and even Sprays (you have a scent to spray, they have your container).

Of course the outdoor industry is not the only one they work with.  If you need it made overseas, they can hook you up.  Automotive (guess where I used them first), Hunting, liquid packaging, textiles, adhesives, pretty much anything.

Unfortunately, I doubt I will be getting any pictures as the show is only a few days away and my beautiful little daughter decided my camera needed to move onto it’s next life.  But I will try to get some brochures to scan and post up.


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