The Breach by Patrick Lee book review

The Breach by Patrick Lee

Book Cover

The Breach by Patrick Lee is a new book from a new author.  The first page lists the first paperback print date as January of 2010.  And says there was a special printing in August of 2009.  So like I said, very new.  And this is apparently Patrick Lee’s first book.

Plot: An ex-con, ex-cop goes to Alaska for some soul searching.  While hiking 20+ miles from the nearest town he comes across a downed unmarked 747.  Everyone in the plane is shot in the head, and nearby, there is a couple people being tortured.  He finds something on the plane that ends up steering his life in an all new direction.  And of course it is a slightly bizarre direction.  Wouldn’t be a very interesting book if it wasn’t now would it?

My thoughts: This is a sci-fi book, but doesn’t really involve monsters, bigfoot, aliens, or a Chupacabra.  The sci-fi aspect comes from mysterious items that are dropped through a man made anomaly.  I can’t really say anything else about the items or the anomaly without introducing spoilers.  But it is somewhat believable.  I would say it is definitely on the more mainstream side of sci-fi.

I really enjoyed Patrick Lee’s writing style.  It is a little action, a little romance, a little sci-fi, and a little mystery.  What I enjoyed the most about his style though is the fact that he gives you enough detail about people and locations that you can imagine it.  Some authors go into so much detail that it sometimes clashes with your imagination and taking 2 pages to describe someone’s hair.  I have read books I actually skipped pages because I got bored with how much detail they go into.  Another thing I liked about his writing was kind of on the same line as the last thing.  When he details objects or how things work, he gives you enough detail that you get the idea he at least knows a little about the subject yet not so much detail that it interferes with the flow of the story.

The ending while not expected, was not a huge surprise.  The book was fairly short at just under 400 pages.  If this book had been written by most seasoned authors I am sure they would have thrown in another 150 pages of describing the cities, buildings, and love scenes.  But I was actually thankful for the lack of detail.  It let me use my imagination and there was enough detail to lead my mind in the right direction.

Patrick Lee is supposedly releasing the sequel to this book this Fall.  The sequel is title Ghost Country.  This book included a snippet from that book.  And it sounds interesting and stars the same people.  I will definitely be buying his next book and would suggest this book to anyone that likes a little sci-fi twist to their stories.

Amazon lists this book for $7.99.  I picked up mine randomly from Costco for $4.99.  You can check out Patrick Lee’s website HERE


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