Pfadt Race Engineering at SEMA 2009

Let me start this series of SEMA posts by saying I HATE MY CAMERA!  But budget does not permit me to upgrade to DSLR just yet.  But man, all the pictures I took at SEMA look like I had smudges on the lens and like a dog crapped on my sensor.

Well, this year SEMA was pretty lame.  Not many new products.  Not much effort put into the cars for the show.  Of course there were exceptions.  But overall, SEMA 2009 was lame.  I will be making a few posts covering some of the stuff at SEMA.  But of course, even being lame, SEMA was absolutely HUGE.  I even hit the APEX show this year.  It’s basically the budget version of SEMA that your SEMA pass gets you into.

For SEMA 2009 post #1, I will cover Pfadt Race Engineering.  They are a local company, and everyone over there I have ever dealt with was great to talk to.  Aaron Pfadt is the owner.  IIRC, he used to be an engineer at GM a while ago.  That explains his focus on GM vehicles.  He started by making Corvette parts.  Now they are making some Camaro parts as well.

I actually had them OEM a part for me at COBB Tuning.  That is how I first heard of them.  Turns out one of the guys that was just starting to get into local autocrossing when I was just getting out of it is designing parts for them.  And I am sure Aaron still plays a part in design as well.

Well, here is what they had at SEMA:

Pfadt Arms

Carbon fiber suspension arms for the 2010 Camaro by Pfadt

Pfadt Bushings

Spherical bearing replacements for suspension bushings. Very clean and classy.

Pfadt Camber

Pfadt camber plates for the 2010 Camaro. Nothing too special, but I am sure a much needed item.

Pfadt Driveshaft

Pfadt filament wound carbon fiber driveshaft. They have had this a while. I believe it is for the C6 Corvette.

Pfadt Sway bars

Anti roll bars for the Camaro and Corvettes. Again, an old item, but a nice one still.

Pfadt Engine and Trans

Pfadt billet engine mounts for the 2010 Camaro. Billet transmission mounts for the C5 and C6 Vettes

Those suspension arms I think were my favorite.  While some adjustment would be nice, I understand on a piece of that size you would save almost no weight by the time you added an adjustment mechanism.  And of course you would also sacrifice strength.  The Pfadt arms were VERY light.  They didn’t have test data available yet for compression, tensile, and bending moment.  But I am sure that data is not far off.

Now they just need some nice endlinks for their bars like I made for COBB that have still not been released.  But trust me, they are SEXY 🙂


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