HKS carbon fiber time attack Altezza (Lexus IS)

Here are some pictures I took at the 2000 SEMA show. On a side note, I will be hitting up SEMA again this year so I should have some pictures for you from that event. The subject of these pictures: The infamous HKS Altezza time attack car with full carbon fiber wide body on it.  Info on this car is a little tough to come by.  Superstreet did an article about it.  As with most of their articles, they have some pretty good studio photo shots and just enough data to whet the whistle, but not enough to full inform people about the subject.  You can read the article here

Carbon fiber HKS Altezza Time Attack car at SEMA 2008

Carbon fiber HKS Altezza Time Attack car at SEMA 2008

Here is a rundown of the important facts covered by the article:

  1. Code Name: Track Attack
  2. Tires: Advan (no idea what model or size)
  3. Time driven: 1 in which it broke the Tsukuba record by 2 seconds, but the article does not list a time.
  4. Build cost: $300,000 (actually less than I would have expected)
  5. Chassis: full tube frame (although in my pictures and theirs I swear I see some unibody elements)
  6. Weight distribution: 50/50 achieved by moving the engine rearward (much easier in an FR car than an AWD car)
  7. Engine: 3S-GE with full internal beef-up and HKS GT3037S turbo (3S-GE is high on my list of all time great engines)
  8. Boost: 24.22 psi
  9. power: 600 HP @ 8,000 RPM, 450 lb-ft @ 6,500 RPM
  10. Suspension: push-rod with custom internally mounted shocks
  11. Seats: Bride
  12. Transmission: XTrac 6-speed sequential, 4.375 final drive
  13. Weight: “around 2,000 lbs” (I sure would like a real number here)

I have tried to find track times for this monster.  I found one source that claimed it’s record setting time was a 55.8 on Tsukuba.  In 2008, the Top Fuel S2000 set the FR record at 55.3. The overall record right now is 53.589 set by HKS in their EVO.  So even if the Altezza hadn’t been disqualified for having too little/no unibody, it’s record has still fallen.  But if it truly was only driven one time, I am sure they could have dialed a couple seconds out of it’s time.  And if that were the case, it may still be the overall record holder.  But we will likely never know the full potential of this machine.  Either way, it’s a beautiful piece of engineering and a prime example of hairy chested machismo.

Carbon Altezza and Matt blocking my shot

Carbon Altezza and Matt blocking my shot

Front suspension

Front suspension

Rear suspension (Sorry for the glare)

Rear suspension (Sorry for the glare)


3 responses to “HKS carbon fiber time attack Altezza (Lexus IS)

  1. I remember when I was there with ya taking pictures of it too they caught on to me and started closing the hood and whatnot. Every time I reached my arm out to take a picture the guys with cameras would point them at my arm with the turbo tattoo. 🙂 Good times.

  2. I think you are thinking of the EVO. This Altezza was back before you had that tattoo I think. 2000 seems like so long ago now…

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