Had to post this video

So I was cruising around on youtube and who should be yapping at me?  My dad. hehehe

This is a video of the Simmons propane turbo kit.  My dad is the one that developed this kit.  IIRC, my dad (Steve Benson), Val Simmons, and Brad Story got together an formed a company called HP^3.  Dad was the idea guy,Val was the distributor, and Brad was the publicity guy.  Now keep in mind I of course was not involved at all and may have it a little wrong.  Plus it was a couple years ago.

So dad made the turbo and propane kits.  I believe Brad had someone he knows make the propane tanks that fit under a custom seat.  I’m not sure what Val did on these.  Maybe he made the clutch weights or ported the engines or something.  The turbos my dad used on these are a Tommy Makinen edition Mitsubishi Evolution turbo.  I will see if I can dig up some old pictures I took of this kit when it was first being developed.

Well here is the video.  Hopefully I can find some pictures for you also:


One response to “Had to post this video

  1. Val simmons for your info was the one who made the propane tanks, boss seats made the seats and all three of them TOGETHER made the turbo kits and distributed them… thanks.

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