New trigger for the Gamo

One of the biggest complaints everyone has with their Gamo air rifles is the trigger.  It’s stiff, sloppy on the first stage, and the second stage seems inconsistent.  I noticed I would pull a lot of shot because the trigger throw was so long and stiff.

Well Charlie Da Tuna has a solution.  It’s the GRT-III trigger.  It fits pretty much every Gamo and many other air guns.


Stock trigger compared to the GRT-III Charliedatuna trigger

I ordered it online and paid with paypal Thursday morning.  It was in my mailbox Saturday afternoon.  And I believe it came from SC.  That’s about as far from here as you can get.  I was impressed with our postal system that day.

The trigger came with a small piece of paper with a web address on it to go get the instructions.  I printed out all 5 pages of instructions.  I read through it and the task at first seemed a bit more involved than I was expecting. Well, once I turned the first screw, it took me about 5 minutes to finish the job.  Turns out many of the warnings, and advisory notices in the instructions didn’t apply on my Gamo Whisper VH.

Trigger Installed

Trigger Installed

The trigger eliminates the factory adjustment screw and replaces it with 2 of it’s own adjustment screws.  One for the trigger play, and one for adjusting creep.  I haven’t played with the creep adjustment yet.  But I was easily able to dial out any play with the first screw.  Trigger pull weight seems greatly reduced.  Most likely because you throw out the factory secondary spring and only use the spring on the main lever in the action.  The transition from stage 1 to stage 2 is a bit tougher to distinguish.  But the travel is more consistent.  And even though it still has a lot of travel (still not adjusted like I said) the pull is so soft and consistent, I don’t end up pulling any shots.  For $32 shipped, it was not a bad deal.  If pulling out your trigger seems a bit scary, don’t worry.  The hardest part was just pushing a C-clip off of a pin.  If you can do that, you can install this trigger.


4 responses to “New trigger for the Gamo

    • The link is in the post. You just go right to Charlie Da Tuna’s site. If he isn’t still selling them, I have no idea where to get them.

  1. hello, I also have the gamo whisper x … only after mounting the trigger GRT III I noticed that very little touches of the base of the trigger assembly … wrong?

    • I honestly don’t remember as it has been a very long time since I did this trigger. Still works great though 🙂

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