S&W 22A shoots like a champ

So I have never shot through a “red dot” sight before.  But I know a lot of people like them so I figured I would give it a shot.  I bought a green dot sight (sale price was lower than the red dot) from Natchezz Shooter’s Supply for $17.  I figured if I hated it I could probably sell it for a profit on Ebay.  The one I bought was made by BSA.  I shot a couple groups with my Smith and Wesson 22A without the sight on it.  Not so good.  I can’t shoot a good group worth a crap with regular blade sights.  I threw the BSA Green Dot sight on and WOW.  All of a sudden it was shooting groups better than the guys with Ruger 10/22’s around me.  Granted, those were stock Rugers, but still…  I had to adjust the dot about 1″ left and 1″ up from where it was set to out of the box.  I had the target out at 15 yards.  The wind was blowing about 15-25 mph first from behind, then to the left, the from behind, then to the right.  It also started to rain during all this fun.  So I would have been surprised with any group smaller than paper size.

The way they do the shooting sessions at Lee Kay is 15 minutes of shooting followed by a few minutes of changing targets.  So for one full 15 minute session I shot at one target .  After one clip I adjusted the sight a bit more to the left and a smidge higher.  And here is the result…

Smith & Wesson 22A with BSA Green Dot scope

Smith & Wesson 22A with BSA Green Dot scope

Not bad for a 70 shot group in high winds.


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