The Racist President

I will start off by saying, just because someone is black, yellow, green, or pink doesn’t mean they have any more right to be racist than a white man.  And I say “man” because even white women are considered a minority in many circumstances.

So watching Obama spew out lie after lie during his “health care reform” press conference, the final question got me pissed.  I am used to politicians lying; Obama is far from being the originator of that. He was asked about the Henry Louis Gates Jr. (dumb ass from now on) arrest.  After giving a quick run-down of the few facts he knew about the case, he admitted that he didn’t have all the facts.

So here is the run-down:  Neighbor sees 2 black men breaking into a house.  It’s dark and the neighbor can’t tell who they are.  Neighbor calls police to report suspicious activity, including forcing the door open just as one would do while breaking into a house.  Police respond and hear someone inside the house and ask for identification.  Dumb ass in the house refuses to show identification and accuses the police of racial profiling.  After negotiation, dumb ass shows I.D. to police.  I.D. which has no address on it to prove he lives there.  Police arrest dumb ass because he isn’t cooperating.  Police (including black ones) say dumb ass was angry, belligerent, uncooperative, and support the police officer that actually did the arresting.

Back to press conference…  The President of the United States goes on TV and after admitting he doesn’t know the facts, he says the police acted stupidly and that everyone would have been as angry as dumb ass.  WRONG!  You know how I would have reacted?  “Here you go mister police officer, here is my identification.  Please tell whoever reported it ‘thank you for watching out for me.’”  How did dumb ass react? “Why do you want my I.D.?  Just because I’m a black man?”  What the hell are you talking about dumb ass?  You are pretty fucking stupid for being a teacher at Harvard.  I seriously hope none of my kids want to go to a school employing people with such low limits on mental prowess.

When people have certain positions in life, there thing they just shouldn’t be saying.  In my current job, I shouldn’t tell customers that a Westech drive is better than an Eimco drive.  It isn’t by the way, just using that as an example.  As President of the United States there are some things you should not say.  This includes many things this president has said.  But very high on the list is not calling your police force a bunch of rogue racists when you have very few of the facts, all of which came from left leaning media that tries to put a racial twist on everything.

So the president, our leader, says his police force acted stupidly by doing their job exactly as they were instructed to do.  By following laws set in place by leaders of our states and country which the president just happens to be.  Imagine that, the president that elected a racist to the Supreme Court sided with a racist friend of his.  A friend who happened to only be in trouble due to his racism.  I have a message for all of you that think racism isn’t dead.  You are right; it isn’t, but only because you are the ones still bringing it up not allowing it to die.  There are minorities in every position of power in this country, in every aspect of industry and authority.  I think it’s time for minorities to get off their soap box.  At the end of the day you are just people, just like everyone else is.


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  1. Stop being one and you won’t hear it anymore

    Do you realize that I am a VERY DARK, Jewish Native American?? Hellooooooooooooooo???? Judging, JUDGING.

  2. Yes, I also realize that your a narrow-minded bigot with delusions of Grander, –name removed–

  3. OK, time to shut it down. I removed your name as requested even though I am sure there is nothing illegal about leaving it. But out of respect I will remove it. As for the latest comments, they are gone. BTW, if you want to stay anonymous, you shouldn’t spend time on a public forum. There is always ways of finding out who someone is.