Reminiscing Part 2

OK, so Nukabe came to us at Cobb and wanted us to make a supercharger for an Eclipse they had been taking to various shows around the country.  Rather than buying a new supercharger, Trey was tired of the Tribeca and ready to trade it in on something new, so we pulled the Rotrex off the Tribeca to use for the Eclipse.

The Tribeca was pretty easy to design the supercharger mounts for since it had a good amount of hood room.  And there was quite a bit of unused volume under the hood.  This is not so much the case on the 4th Gen Eclipse.  There was just mm’s of clearance to some parts on that car.  There was very little room anywhere under the hood on this car.  I decided to run a shaft drive to operate the supercharger.  And I think it turned out pretty clean.  I went through quite a few rapid prototypes that I made in my office to ensure exact alignment of everything.

COBB Supercharged Eclipse

COBB Supercharged Eclipse

Supercharger and intercooler

Supercharger and intercooler

The only pictures I found are some Josh posted on his blog back when he worked for Cobb (he was laid off the same day I was).  These pictures were taken kind of mid way through an install.  So some of the bolts aren’t tight, and that sort of thing.  Pay special attention to the billet piece that actually holds the supercharger.  That thing was so sexy.

Rotrex Supercharger Mount by me

Rotrex Supercharger Mount by me

We never did get to find out what kind of power it made since the electronics guys gave up on making an AccessPort for it.  And they didn’t really want to use a competitor’s product.


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