Reminiscing part 1

I have hit a bit of a boring time on my current project at work.  So I was feeling all nostalgic about my past projects.  So here is a project from a few years ago.  I had to design a supercharger for the Subaru Tribeca.  It utilized a Rotrex supercharger, Audi BPV, Bell Intercooler, and the rest was all custom.  We improved power at the wheels by about 70 HP on just 4.5 psi of boost.  It ran flawlessly.  We drove it to all the shows it did.  No trailer queen here.  It ended up having a better power to weight ratio than any CUV/SUV in it’s class.

Supercharged Tribeca

Supercharged Tribeca

Tribeca Dyno

Tribeca Dyno

We gave the car to Motor Trend to beat up and test for a couple of months.  Here is what they reported for results:

Stock / COBB:

0-60mph: 9.3 / 7.7

¼ mile: 17.0@83.1 mph / 16.1@87.1 mph

60-0mph: 125 ft / 117 ft

Figure 8: 29.0 sec / 27.8 sec

As you can see, there is numbers besides the power numbers.  We did quite a bit to the car.  The Supercharger was about all I was in charge of designing on that project though.  Eric took care of the looks.  Justin picked out the wheels.  Josh did the piping for the Supercharger.  Trey did the tuning.  The brakes were just off the shelf 332mm WRX brakes we had.  The tires were some Yokohama Advan ST’s that we were given for SEMA.

COBB Tuning Tribeca made awesome by me

COBB Tuning Tribeca made awesome by me

Even though I had a bunch of requests for that kit, Cobb opted not to make it and we eventually pulled off the supercharger to use on another project (see next reminiscing post).


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