Shooting the S&W 22A

So I got to hit the range with a friend of mine today to test out the new gun for the first time.   I was using some cheap Federal value pack high velocity and some CCI Blazer high velocity.  I have been warned that both of those types may have feeding issues in the gun, but that’s what I had.  I was shooting at targets that are some “official” 25′ slow fire pistol targets.

First clip, all of them score on the target, 3 are 8 point or better.  Next clip, 9 of the 10 are pointers.  3 are 8 or better.  Then I tried some rapid fire.  3 were not pointers, I think 1 was an 8 pointer.  The only feeding issues I had was a user issue (I think).  On a fresh clip, the first shot would fire and eject fine but the follow up shot would not feed in.  I believe I was not pushing the clip in far enough.  Because after doing this a few times, I tried exerting more effort on the clip and had no issues.

My friend that was with me seemed to love the hell out of it.  We brought a few guns, but he always wanted to shoot the S&W.  He shot much better than me.  I guess pro photographers are a bit more steady that professional milk shake machines like me.  He had one 10 shot group on the same targets that had 8 at 8 points or better.  This gun sure can shoot.  My only sort of major complaint, and I will blame my poor performance on it, is the sights lack any indicator.  It’s a flat black board with a flat black blade.  In the indoor range with very little light I had problems lining up the sights.

Plus side:

  • Crazy accurate
  • Feeds reliably
  • Handle fits amazing in the hand while shooting
  • Trigger is very uniform and not overly stiff for a factory trigger and the shape is just right
  • Balance feels nice
  • Immensely easier to clean than the wife’s Walther
  • Very little muzzle rise

Down Side:

  • First click on clip is not enough, extra effort needs to be made to seat it well
  • Sights are not Steyr sights (although they are adjustable unlike Steyr)
  • With a handle this big, you should be able to have a 20 round clip

Sorry, no pictures to go with this post.  But in conclusion: For under $300, this gun is awesome.  Value: 10/10.  Highly recommended to anyone, but especially first timers that are afraid of the kick the bigger pistols have.


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