Our New Supreme Court Justice

Yes, I know she has not been confirmed yet.  But since we now have a fascist majority in the House, there is no way she will not be confirmed.  I will not go into Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling record as there are other people more well informed on that than me.  So since I do not know every fact involved in every case, I will base my opinion soley on her public speeches.

I am sure Obama is super stoked that he has this opportunity to put someone like her into office.  I really can’t blame him for doing it.  She is perfect for the world he wants to create.  One with no rich people, and no poor people, no freedoms or rights whatsoever.  A world where racism, lack of morals, and an uneducated trendy view of current affairs is not only endorsed, but rewarded.  And first and foremost, a world without that pesky Constitution.

I will leave my opinion at that.  But in closing let me leave you all with this quote.  It seems to be the most direct, blunt, yet truthful statement I have seen about her.

“Why make this complicated? President Obama prefers Supreme Court justices who will violate their oath of office. And he hopes Sonia Sotomayor is the right Hispanic woman for the job.” — Jonah Goldberg


3 responses to “Our New Supreme Court Justice

    • Until something happens to prove me otherwise, yes I believe it. And yes, I also believe the last thing we need is a supreme court justice that received not only her education, but also her jobs based more on racial issues than on merit. But it is done. And I honestly hope that she rules with logic and truth rather than emotion. It could happen. She still has a chance to prove she deserves the job.

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