Comparison of different pellets through Gamo

So I decided to get a better idea of how the different brands of pellets compare though my Gamo Whisper Varmint Hunter.  So I stuck the target at 25 feet.  Got me a blanket and layed prone for this test.  The 25 foot tests were 8 shot groups, the 50 foot tests were 5 shots.  The 25 foot groups were done with the scope on 3x since that is where it was in focus (not adjustable on the standard scope) and the 50 foot groups had the scope set at 5x.  I did not adjust the scope point of impact for the different groups.  That is why the 50 foot were so far off target.

First up was the Crossman hunter Walmart stuff.  These pellets are nothing special to look at.  I have no idea what weight they are.  Even Crossman’s website doesn’t say.  When shot through the Whisper VH they are silent.  The gun is still noisy, but the pellets make almost no noise.  Even when they hit the metal pellet trap.  Their 8 shot group was 0.56″.  Not bad at all.

Next up was the Gamo Raptor PBA gold plated ammo.  These pellets weigh in at 5.4gr.  They are much faster than the Crossman.  They also do a lot more damage to the metal case of the pellet trap.  Due to the extra speed, they are not as quiet as the Crossman ammo.  Their 8 shot group (actually 7) came in at 0.44″ if you don’t count shot #8 that I yanked due to the poo trigger on these guns.  I love the gun, but that rigger is going to go soon.

Comparison target

Comparison target

And finally was the Gamo Hunter Magnum pellets.  I had high hopes for these since the Crossman’s shot well and cost nearly nothing.  But the result wasn’t all the impressive.  The 8 shot group came in at 0.91″ which is about twice as large as the PBA ammo, and still much worse than the Crossman ammo.  These rounds are 7.9gr and are still slow enough they are silent from the VH.

Now it was time to double the distance.  I moved the target out to 50 feet and didn’t bother with the Gamo lead ammo since the 25 foot group was so bad.  First up, the PBA.  The group was about 1.5″ high and maybe 3/8″ farther to the left.  Group size was still only about 0.97″  So with the PBA ammo I got about the same size grouping as with the Gamo lead ammo on the PBA was twice the distance.  That PBA ammo may be expensive, but damn it works well.  And I like the noise it makes.

Finally the 50 foot group for the Crossman.  It was much closer to being lined up on target compared to the PBA at this distance.  The first 3 shots were higher than the last 2.  Not sure if this was my fault or maybe the barrel warming up.  But anyway, the group size ended up at 1.29″.  Not bad at all.


If you have too much money, buy the PBA ammo from Gamo.  It’s faster, more deadly to rodents, sounds cooler, doesn’t get your fingers covered in lead, and gives you the cool factor of saying your ammo is gold plated.

If you are just wasting time in you back yard like me and don’t have a huge budget, get the Crossman ammo from your local Walmart.  It’s cheap, quiet, and fairly consistent.  Yes, I know, my last test showed inconsistency from this ammo, but that very easily could be my shakey ass standing up while shooting.  I trust the results of this test much more.  No wind, prone, etc…

Steer clear of the Gamo Magnum and likely any of their lower grade ammo since I am sure it’s all made the same way.  And definitely still stay away from the Daisy ammo.  It was so bad in the last test I threw it away.  So it was not included on this test.  But it’s crap, stay away.

The gun…  I am very happy with it.  It is not designed or marketed as a target rifle.  And even if it was, there is a very good chance I would not shoot any better with it.  For what this gun is designed to do, it seems to be a great gun.  The trigger needs help.  But supposedly there is a very good aftermarket one I will test soon.  The scope isn’t great, but I have never seen any air gun with a good scope.  It is just overkill.  The laser sight is meh.  It loses center pretty easily, and the dot it makes is pretty big.  It sure looks cool though.


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