Prova short shifter for Subarus

So I decided I haven’t been posting often enough.  So I figured I would post some more pictures of things I designed before they fade into history since my former employer will no longer be making them.

Here is a couple shots of the Subaru short shifters I designed for a Japanese company named Prova.  It was kind of flattering that they wanted us to produce the shifters for them because they are fairly well known in the Subaru market for their high quality parts.  The shifters are the same as the COBB version other than the color combination and I changed the material for the lower ball section.

Prova STi short shifter designed my ME

Prova STi short shifter designed my ME

Prova WRX Shifter designed by ME

Prova WRX Shifter designed by ME

I really like the color combination I did for them.  I think it looks better than what I did for COBB.  I ran into color issues with COBB stuff a lot.  Blue is a terrible company color.  It’s hard to match on anodizing.  There is no good way of doing blue to steel parts other than powder coat.  Nothing goes well with blue other than black or gold.  And it clashes with any car that isn’t black or white.

Another advantage of the Prova version of this shifter is the steel for the lower ball section.  I think it made for a more solid feel compared to the hard anodized aluminum lower section on the COBB shifter.  It also has better harmonic frequency specs so less noise is transfered into the cabin.


2 responses to “Prova short shifter for Subarus

    • Yes, we made versions for those. However, I do not know if Prova still offers these or not. Your best bet would be to contact Rallysport Direct. I believe they are the distributors for Prova stuff in the US.

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