Gamo Whisper VH test results…

Well, to give my 3 or 4 die hard viewers and idea how this bad boy shoots, I set up a Beeman pellet trap at about 30 feet.  The targets I used claim to be an “official” 25 foot target.  I sighted in my scope on the expensive PBA ammo from Gamo.  But today I was shooting some Crossman Walmart specials that were $4 for 300 of them.  Obviously far from match grade.  These shots were done with me standing up leaning against the railing 0n my back porch.  I am one shakey SOB, and this gun still shot pretty good.  Funny though the shots all grouped up into 2 groupings.  The one loner shot was all my fault.  I yanked the gun when I pulled the trigger.  Also the rip on the upper left was a ricochet out of the pellet trap.

Pellet trap target at 30 feet

Pellet trap target at 30 feet

Again, this would obviously be better indoor with a rest or at least with me prone.  But I’m pretty impressed for me shooting about the cheapest ammo I could find.


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