Another new toy (my wife is awesome)

Well, next Tuesday is my birthday.  So my wife ordered me a new toy.  She can’t stand to wait on things like that so of course as soon as I got home from my business trip to Couer d’Alene Idaho she gave it to me.  I had a pretty good idea what it was, but she got me the super pimp version which I wasn’t expecting.

It’s a Gamo Whisper VH (Varmint Hunter).  It’s a .177 caliber pellet gun that has a sounds suppression unit on the end of the barrel.  And being the VH version, it comes with a 3-9×40 scope with full duplex reticle, a laser sight, and a flashlight.  The laser and flashlight can either use an on/off button that comes with them or you can choose to use the provided remote switches which you hold down with your fingers.  I chose the remote switches to save battery life.

Gamo Whisper Varmint Hunter full side view

Gamo Whisper Varmint Hunter full side view

Better view of scope

Better view of scope

Close-up of scope (made by BSA)

Close-up of scope (made by BSA)

The Gamo Whisper is a break barrel design which means you only pump it once and you do this by using the barrel and a lever.  It has a composite stock that is a thumb hole variant.  It fits me OK, but not great.  It definitely designed for younger smaller kids than me.

Some of the other nice features it includes are: bright neon fiber optic sights with hood on the front sight and windage and elevation adjustment on the rear sight.  The barrel is made of a composite with a steel rifled insert.  The barrel is fluted.  The entire gun is light enough to be easily handled, but not feel cheap.  It also comes with 50 rounds of Gamo Raptor ammo.  These shoot very well, but unfortunately are the most expensive of the ammo I tested so far.

Ammo:  So the Gamo Raptor shoots very consistent and with very good velocity.  Next best I tested was Gamo Magnum 7.87gr ammo.  It was consistent but shot high and right of the Raptor ammo.  Next was the Crossman premium grade ammo.  It did not shoot consistently and was typically left of where the Raptor stuff shot.  Finally there was the Daisy precision Max ammo.  Avoid it at all cost.  At 25 yards I was lucky to even get it to hit the paper target.  And every shot sounded like a miss-fire.  Absolute shit ammo.  Luckily it was also the cheapest so it’s no big loss to just throw it away.


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