350Z For Sale

UPDATE Number 2

OK, in a last ditch effort to get rid of my car, I am now offering the price of whatever I owe, which right now is about $16,800.  And I will even throw in the Cusco Zero-2 coilovers…  You just may need to pick up some rear top hats for the coilovers.  I’m not sure if the ones I have are the right ones or not.

Also, to make it easier to contact me, you can email me at sts138@hotmail.com or post a message here.


OK, after half-heartedly trying to sell the car, it is time to make a real effort.  Here is what varies from the below description…

1) It no longer includes an AccessPort

2) The car now has just over 19,000 miles on it.

3) The price is now $18,500 without the extra parts, and only $19,500 with the extras.  The wheels alone are worth more than that difference, I just want to get this thing in the hands of someone that can have more fun with it.

NADA Clean retail – $20,050

Edmunds Private party – $18,179 dealer retail – $19,425

Kelly Blue Book suggested retail – $21,800


So since I recently lost my job, I decided I need to sell my car.  This was the company test vehicle for our 350Z development.  It is a 2006 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast with 18,200 miles.  And as always, click the pictures for the full size version.

In the shop

In the shop


COBB front and rear anti-roll bars

COBB Sport springs (about 1″ lower than stock)

COBB full dual stainless cat-back exhaust (only one ever made)

COBB AccessPORT (additional HP and better mileage)

Stoptech braided stainless brake lines

ATE Super Blue Brake fluid

Porterfield R4S brake pads front and rear

COBB Silicone post MAF hose

Has the stock wheels and tires (18×7.5 & 18×8.5) installed right now

Other parts not installed right now:

Prodrive GC-010G 18×8.5 and 18×9.5 wheels

Bridgstone RE-050A Pole Position Tires (mostly worn out rear and 2/3 tread front)

Cusco Zero-2 coilover suspension

SPC rear camber arm kit (never used)

And the price…  $19,900 without the uninstalled parts (Cusco coilovers, Prodrive wheels, and SPC camber arms).  Or $23,000 with the uninstalled parts.  That’s over $5,000 of extra parts for $3,100.  And that isn’t including the tires.

You can kind of see the exhaust

You can kind of see the exhaust

With the stock wheels

With the stock wheels



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