MazdaSpeed3 3-way suspension testing

So here’s another “I posted on that other blog” post.  This one is about suspension.  Which I personally think is a lot more fun to design and work on than upgraded GTR turbos.  Not that those aren’t cool.  It’s a GTR, working on anything for it is cool.  But this suspension is just awesome.  It’s 3-way adjustable.  So in addition to adjustable ride height, you get low speed compression and high speed compression and rebound adjustments.  All with external reservoirs.  Now to go into the nitty-gritty of why these are so cool, I would have to divulge some proprietary info that I am not willing to do.  Here is what they look like:

This set is for the MazdaSpeed3.  I love those cars and we have been racing on springs and sway bars I did for it for quite some time.  And while we do amazingly well with what we have so far, I think these will help us a bunch.  I don’t know if there is enough of a high-end market to justify selling these in a 3-way to the Mazda guys.  But we will have 1-ways that are just as sexy.

Other applications I am working on are: GTR, EVO X, STi (both old and new), and hopefully the Z someday since I would love to put a set of these on my car.

These things are bullet-proof  So beefy and strong.  I can’t wait to release them.  Stay tuned to COBB Tuning’s blog and website to fine out when they are available.

And here is the main blog post at COBB’s blog: SEXY ASS COILOVERS


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