GTR Coilover sleeves

This is another post from COBB Tuning.  However, unlike the other 2 blog posts, I did not make this one.  COBB Tuning GTR Coilover sleeves But it was a product I designed and tested.  There is a couple reasons we went with sleeves instead of full coilovers.  First, we knew we were going to eventually make coilovers, but we also know those are not something you can throw together in a month and get right.  And we needed something to race on, and we needed them fast.  Second, the stock shocks are a pretty advanced system that is cockpit adjustable and we knew people that owned GTR’s would like to have that user-friendliness and softer ride than what aftermarket dampers provide. Third, and least important for GTR owners, was they are much cheaper than a full coilover and damper set.

Here is a couple shots of the original version.  I made quite a few changes after this version to make them easier to install and work a little better.  But I don’t have a good picture of the final version, so this is what you get:

I made the kit have spherical bearing top mounts that use a nice FK bearing that is fully captured with stainless steel bearing spacers.  The way I made them allows the springs to move independently of the top mount unlike some others.  Also, it has helper springs with some nice trick spacers.  And another thing I hate that some people do is lock the spring perch in with a setscrew or another perch.  So I made them lock in place with a slot that pinches closed with the use of a stainless bolt.  I also decided to use Hypercoil springs because they make great springs.  And they have the best guarantee in the business as far as springs matching the rates you specify.

Not sure what else can be said about these.  They work great.  They are what we race on.  And we have had 0 troubles with them since we started.  So if you have a GTR and want to keep a nice ride and your trick stock shocks, have we got a coilover sleeve for you 🙂

Looks like they haven’t been added to the site yet.  But keep an eye here: COBB Tuning


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