Steyr M40-A1 captured guide rod from Big Taco

So here are some promised pictures of my Steyr with the polished guide rod from Big Taco.  It was like $40 with a factory spring installed.   I think it is an extra $5 or so to get it in black.  I wanted a little bling, so I stuck with the polished version.  I have yet to shoot it with the new rod.  But even cycling it by hand feels a tiny bit better.  Maybe it is just what we call in the car business my “butt dyno” being broken.  But we’ll see.  Going to the range soon.  Taking Lori and her new gun (see next post).

Install took about 20 seconds.  I like the look.  Should be much more durable than the factory plastic piece.

Here is a shot with the slide open:

Here is a shot of the business end:

And here is the gratuitous “Breaking and entering disposal kit” shot that people seem to like so much.  BTW, the knife is a Columbia River.  I like it, it looks mean and it cuts well.  And it was fairly affordable compared to other knifes of it’s type.


4 responses to “Steyr M40-A1 captured guide rod from Big Taco

  1. I honestly have no idea if it would work on any other guns. Not sure how the design of the guide rod changed from the old guns to the new ones. I am sure Big Taco could tell you though. He is plenty responsive to emails. You can find him on google.

  2. Can I start with saying, thats a awesome gun. I have a G19 EXO TT myself but im amazed. I just wanted to ask how does it compare to a glock? Better? Worse? I cant get over the triangle sights and the look of the steyr im doing my research now but I really think im going to get a m40, any tips are very much welcomed

    • Before I bought it, I read a lot of opinion on forums from guys comparing it favorably to the Glocks. I have no personal experience with Glock though. So anything I say is second-hand.

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