My custom Ruger 10/22

So since getting my Steyr, I have been getting back into shooting more. Since it costs so much to shoot my .40, when I go to the range I take along my Ruger 10/22. I built this back in 1996 with the help of my cousin who is a gunsmith of sorts. Not sure what his actual qualifications are. But I know he has a ton of gun knowledge and has built some very sweet guns.

Now for the specs:
Stainless match grade .920 diameter barrel.
Ruger 10/22 stock action with reworked trigger and adjustable trigger stop and polished.
Fajen thumbhole silhouette laminated wood stock final shaping by me and stained black.
Bushnell Sportview 4×32 scope. This will hopefully soon be replaced by something better.

This gun is crazy accurate. Hopefully even better with a better scope. And it still looks pretty good for being 12 years old. Here’s some pictures:

I will try and get some better shots taken after I upgrade the scope. Maybe I will pick on up at Cabelas when I go there for my conceal carry class this weekend. I also plan on getting a Tactical Solutions extended magazine release while I am there. And when I am installing those I will see about modifying my bolt lock plate.


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