My New Toy… Steyr M40-A1

So this weekend I picked up a new toy. Actually, it was a father’s day present from my awesome wife. She wanted me to pick it out. So me and friend of mine went and picked one up. Cabela’s had a great deal going on them. Regular price $589 on sale for $389. I had been considering the Springfield XD and a Glock. The XD and Glock were on sale for $50 off. Which wasn’t bad, but hardly compares to $200 off. I read a ton of reviews and nobody had anything serious to say against this gun. Main complaints were things like looks or not liking the sight. Many thought it was superior to both the glock and XD. I felt them all and the XD had slightly better trigger position for me, but very slightly better. So I went with the Steyr M40-A1 automatic handgun. It’s a .40 S&W. I picked that caliber for a good combination of velocity, energy, mag capacity, and accuracy.

Here are some shots:

Well, today we went to the range during lunch hour. This gun was great. Accuracy was amazing. The muzzle had very little flip. The gun had very little recoil. I was surprised how accurate it was considering I bought the cheapest FMJ ammo I could find. Figured there was no reason wasting expensive ammo on the paper targets. I bought a bunch more ammo and plan on heading to the range in a couple days again. There is nothing I don’t like about this gun. And I have no idea how people can complain about the trapezoidal sights. They are perfect. Way better than the typical 3 dot sights.


5 responses to “My New Toy… Steyr M40-A1

  1. Hello, I purchased a new Steyr M40 A1 about 6 monthes ago. I got the gun on sale @ Cabelas in Owatona Mn. for $300. I traded back a compact Taurus Millinum 45 that I hated. I had purchased the gun from Cabelas, and if you do not like it they will refund your purchase price in full on trade. No brainer. Anyway, I have spent a great deal of my life in the military, and I have never fired a pistol that I like more than this Steyr. As most of you know, it is difficult to find accessories for…I know Galco makes a model 6285 duty holster that is nice. Do you know of any others that I might consider before I purchase this one?

    • I forget the name of my holster (it’s some guy’s initials). But it’s a hand made leather thing that isn’t bad at all. I found it through the forums at I would look there for your answer.

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