Performance Nissan Meet, San Bernadino

So Friday morning, 3 of us left the office to drive about 700 miles to San Bernadino, California for the Performance Nissan Meet.  The drive was long and  boring as you would expect.  The hotel we are staying in is super sweet.  Free internet, 42″ Plasma TV, 3 beds.

The meet was cool.  A bit smaller than we were hoping for.  They went crazy searching cars at the entrance.  I had to throw away my Mt. Dew.  Oh well.  There was a few really cool car.  A bunch that the owners of the cars thought they were way cooler than they really were.  And a few hoopties.

There was a guy with a cool old Skyline that wanted pictures of his car next to our R35 GTR.  So we pulled it over for some pics:

Billy got to drive that GTR in the small autocross they had setup at the track.  Kind of disappointing that the course was just under 17 seconds long for the guys that were fast.  Here is another shot of that GTR.  In front of it is the Cobb G37S and behind the GTR is my Z33:

Now we get to drive home. Yaaay.  I just love long drives alone.  I miss my family.  It’s nuts how being away for just a day or 2 can make you miss them so much.  My poor boy has RSV (found out while I was away), and he misses me a bunch.  Which of course makes me feel terrible for him since he has no idea why I am not there or if I am even coming back.  I can’t wait to get back to him and Lori.


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