The Intro

Well, right now, the plan for this blog is to update friends and family on all that is going on in our life. Also, we (Lori and I) will probably be doing some venting about life on here. Imagine that, a a blog used to inform and vent. Yes we are original.

Now for the intro… I am Dave. I am a hard part engineer at Cobb Tuning. So I get to design fun parts for awesome cars. I also like to attend industry car shows. I love time attack road racing, Grand Am, F1, autocrossing, drifting, and many other types of racing. My wife Lori stays at home with our boy. She is a great mom and takes great care of our boy Will. Will is an awesome kid. He’s only about 17 months old right now. He loves cars and birds. Here is a pic from a few months ago…

The Fam

I will do my best to keep this page updated, so come back for more. There may be a reason to some day 🙂


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